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Distributor Take-back Scheme
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Phase 5 Fees

The fees that members pay will be based on the total value of all electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) sold between 1st January 2019 – 31st December 2019 (or most recent full calendar year if not available). The fees consist of a single payment which, once paid, will ensure compliance until the end of your membership.

The fees for each band have remained the same as in Phase 4 and can be found in the table below:

Band Total Sales Value of Electrical Products Cost of Joining the DTS as a new member
A Greater than £ 1.5 million Per unit fee (see below)
A+ Greater than £ 1.5 million
and meet the 400m² criteria
Per unit fee +
25% additional to pay
B £ 100,000 - £ 1.5 million
with at least one physical store
£ 95
covers 1 year DTS membership only
B £ 100,000 - £ 1.5 million
online / distance sellers only
£ 190
covers 2 years DTS membership
C £ 0 - £ 100,000 £ 70
covers 2 year DTS membership
The Band A per unit fees can be found below:
Category Online/Distance ONLY Sellers 2 years Retailers with at least one physical store (12 Month membership) Retailers with at least one physical store (8 Month membership)
Refrigeration e.g. fridges and freezers 0.1189041 0.0594521 0.0396347
Other Large Household Appliances e.g. washing machines and other “white goods” 0.0487396 0.0243698 0.0162465
Televisions and monitors 0.0431186 0.0215593 0.0143729
Lamps* 0.0006944 0.0003472 0.0002315
All other EEE including household lighting fittings** 0.0015911 0.0007956 0.0005304
* Under the
household lighting luminaires (fittings / fixtures) fall out of scope, however the "lamps" (light bulbs) themselves are in scope. This is with the exception of filament bulbs (either tungsten filaments or halogen). All LED lamps & modules plus fluorescent tubes & compact fluorescent lamps are in scope. For registration the sales value of lamps which are in scope should be included in your calculations in order to determine whether you are a Band A, B or C member. For the DTS as a Band A member you should report the number of units of the lamps sold which are in scope, this is inclusive of lamps which are both sold separately and those which are sold as part of a whole luminaire fitting.

** Household luminaires (lighting fittings) are now in scope for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations and the units sold should be reported along with all other EEE.

Under the The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 (as amended) distributors who supply new EEE from retail premises where the sales area relating to EEE is equivalent to or exceeds 400m² must provide facilities to collect very small WEEE, regardless of whether similar new equipment is purchased. The DTS alternative for member retailers who meet this requirement in 25% or more of their stores is to make an additional payment equivalent to 25% of the applicable fees as shown in the table above.